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This Body

Posted on: March 14th, 2010 by cjstewart 3 Comments

Bones, Bones, Bones.

Blood flows through knotted veins

weaving around organs and

sends life pulsating through arteries.

Breath stretches, expands, bends

and squeezes between rib cage

closets.  Wind sends chills of life

down backbones and out of flared

nostrils to meet the world.


Bones, Bones, Bones.

Heart pumps, pulses, pushes and pulls

life, sent to the far corners of

this body.  The delivery made to toes

arrives just as the package makes way

from the brain.

Sizzles of electricity jolt down

nerves to arch across feet through

knees, up and out of fingers, and

into action.


Bones, Bones, Bones.

The frame of this mechanism, this

body, this archway, this entrance, this

home, this dungeon. Bones, Bones, Bones,

keep standing, hold up the flesh, hold up

the mind, and hold up the spirit: above ground

and above water.  These i-beams hold down

the fort of imagination and possibility to create

a space for action, a space of physical bounds

and mental freedom, a space with which

to realize the impossible.


Bones, Bones, Bones.

Etude #2

Posted on: March 10th, 2010 by cjstewart 21 Comments

Is it there?

or here?

Ghosts of matter

Floating in the breeze

of Light.

Swirls of the most minute particles

glittering before my eyes.

translucent transcendance

and invisible silence.

Etude #1

Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 46 Comments


on blue canvas

dripping, cool lines

of silver and aqua,

breathing ice into

lively strokes of

splotted explosions

Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 3 Comments

A moment

Has itself,

a quality,


it has itself.


A moment

is built,

is structured,

is placed

in the grid of time,

Functioning as itself,

Independent, of iteslf.


A moment

is of other moments

From before,

through now,

into the next.

and on to the next.


Being, Order, and Flow.

Connection, Functionality, and Solidity.

Mechanics, Fluidity, and Stability.


All permutations

of A Moment.

A moment.

a Moment.

Description: Light and Energy

Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 18 Comments

It shines out!

It gleams!

Escaping from its source,

diving into the body of another;


Illuminating the space

like a bright smile in the soul,

laughter in the heart,

and truth in the mind.


Enlightened, Clarified,

Awake and living,

The space resonates

as light reflects within its walls;



shining, and

reaching in all directions, towards totality in the flash of a moment,

and nowhere in the glimpse of eternity.


Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 39 Comments

Lights, colors, tingles, and…

Harmonies vibrating, graced

with every touch and…


Musical bodies resonating

with each other,

Graceful bodies dancing

with each other,

Expressive bodies singing

with each other, being

with each other, holding

each other, and…


Fireworks, Explosions, balls and spheres

of feeling

with every touch, and…



For lack of more we lay

silent, still, secluded, alone and…

wanting more with every touch.

always more, more, and…


(The fireworks are anticipated,

The music has been paused,

The Song and Dance interupted.

But Love cannot be caused.)


(Afraid we lay still.

Afraid we lay secluded.

Afraid we lay waiting silently, alone.)

for more and…

The Cost of Freedom

Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 52 Comments




Broken bones, crashing

to the ground, splintered.

Jagged, barbed edges jabbing

into brush fires of juggular






Drowning in deep rivers,

Red with dark dread

and rusting with the rancorous













Freedom comes crashing in waves,

leaving the survivors

furrowing in its wake.

Life of an Idea

Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 3 Comments

A beacon,



from the distance to

strike my senses like a

flash of




An Image of


An Image of


A place to call for and

to be.


A flash of nothing

melts back into itself,

dripping down the slope of space into

that well, that lake, that

abyss called the



Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 90 Comments


A distant concept.

On the edge of time.



An empty container

waiting to be filled with nothing.



the platform for existence,

the petri dish of life,

the plate ready to hold

any and all food

any and all flesh

any and all fire

that approaches

with intentions of being.



the eternal limit,

the central basis


From within

it appears forward and back.

From without

Gods dance and make love

on its very surface.



A laughing gate,

an entrance to the open feild beyond its

chuckling doors.


To run in and out

as a child



Trapped in time?

Trapped in Space?

To reveal that gate’s path; that door, that exit

or entrance?


Space and Time,

the bars of a cell,

the axis’ of a plane,

the basis of perception

and the enablers of existence.


To be in time is to exist?

what about God?

To be in space is to exist?

What about God?


Eternity may stretch

beyond sets

beyond elements

beyond construction and deconstruction,

beyond space and time,

beyond perception.





Melt Away

Posted on: March 8th, 2010 by cjstewart 2 Comments

kiss a soft flake of death,

as it floats and drifts,

from the Heavens and through the body

to rest on the soul.


Hug the fire

the searing, white hot

energy. The nothingness

burning all that embraces it

until quietly snuffed.


As corpses love decomposition,

the breaking down, the melting away,

Love deconstruction:

a proximity to inevitable peace,

a drifting, a burning, a crumbling into that final rest.